Omaha/Juno D-day tour

ITINERARY: Bayeux/Caen – La Pointe du Hoc (2nd Ranger Battalion) – Omaha Beach (29th Inf Division) – American Cemetery – Arromanches (Mulberry B) – Graye sur mer (Winnipeg rifles) – Juno Beach Center – Courseulles sur mer (Regina rifles) – Bernieres sur mer (Queen’s own rifles) – Beny sur mer Canadian War Cemetery – Bayeux/Caen

The American and Canadian sea landings can be seen on one Itinerary.

We start our day from Omaha Beach.

La Pointe du Hoc was reserved as it was at the end of fighting, this place was taken by US Rangers using grappling hooks.

Omaha was the critical beach and on the 4 miles of sands below its 100ft bluff the Allied invasion came perilously close to failure. It was the spirit and determination of small groups of GIs that won through.

To make it possible to unload the quantities of cargo necessary, the Allies established two prefabricated ports code-named Mulberry Harbors. One of them, Port Winston, can still be viewed at Arromanches.

Several small seaside towns line the beach assigned to the 3rd Canadian Division. The Canadians had to deal with underwater obstacles and steady artillery fire during landing.

Even through DD-tanks had managed to land; they had to systematically clear the Germans trench by trench before moving inland. The 3rd division made the most spectacular progress and almost reached their D-day objectives.

Learn about Omaha Beach and Juno Beach landings and Ingenious Fighting Machines to breach the Atlantic Wall.