My name is Lena and I have been living in Normandy for 15 wonderful years.

When I arrived, I did not expect to find such a rich region in terms of history. Actually, I moved to a town liberated by the 3-rd Canadian Infantry division. My father-in-law had lived through the German occupation and I had some relatives who had been taking part in the WWII battles. As I had been already passionate about the WWII history, it was interesting to learn about the D-day and visit any single museum.

I have a Master degree in teaching and Baccalaureate degree in tourism. During 3 years, I worked as a D-day guide in local Normandy guiding companies. I’ve broadened knowledge about the D-day and learnt about the Mont Saint Michel, Honfleur, Normandy history and art. Finally, I have become a certified guide of France. My job is both my passion and hobby, which makes my dream come true. I have been running my own company since March 2017.

I like meeting up with new and nice people, sharing my knowledge, time, and showing my region. I do not provide only historical facts, but I am trying to recreate various battles around Normandy by telling remarkable and involving stories and using maps and photos.

I’m a friendly easy-going person and I always follow and respect your pace.

I do hope to have the pleasure to welcoming you on my tour.