Mont Saint Michel

The entrance ticket and guided abbey visit included.

In AD 708 the Saint Michel appeared to Bishop Auber of Avranches and told him to build a chapel at the top of the summit. Richard I, duc of Normandy, invited the first Benedictine monks in 966. After king Philippe-Auguste’s conquest of Normandy in 1204, the first stones were laid for the constraction of the Gothic abbey known as “La Merveille”. The abbey was fortified at the end of the 14th century as France descended into Hundred Years’ War.

The beauty of the architecture, its long history and the movement of the highest tides in continental Europe make this site “must seen” in our region. Known as a Marvel of the Western World, the monument and its unique natural setting are also now classified World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

Visit one of the most spectacular sight in Normandy!