Utah/Omaha D-day tour

ITINERARY: Le Havre – Angouville-au-Plain (101th Airborne Div) – Utah Beach (4th Inf Div) – La Pointe du Hoc (2nd Ranger Bat) – Omaha Beach (29th Inf Div) – American Cemetery – Le Havre

The American air and sea landings can be seen on one Itinerary.

Shortly after midnight on the night of 6 June, two American airborne divisions filled the skies over Normandy with gliders and parachutes. They secured four causeways and several key towns of the Cotentin peninsula.

Even if two assault battalions of the 8th IR landed 2000 yards south of where they should have been at Utah Beach, they managed to take the position with very light casualty rate.

Omaha Beach was the critical beach and on the 4 miles of sands below its 100ft high cliffs the Allied invasion came perilously close to failure. It was the spirit and determination of small groups of GIs that won through.

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