Hundreds of books of Omaha and Utah Beach landings exist. If you would like to cover
highlights of D-day actions and get a general picture, learning some details you should take this tour.


All visited sites are exceptional. You could watch documentary movies about D-Day but nothing compare to stay in front of the bomb crater at Pointe du Hoc. You can feel the wind on your face from the English channel, touch the sand of Omaha Beach and see how terrifying German pillboxes are.

Driving in the middle of the Normandy countryside through hedgerows, old farms and understanding how brave and determined were American paratroopers. It is amazing how the terrain almost has not changed through the years. 
White headstones of the American cemetery will tell you different stories and make you think about the price paid by young american soldiers during the liberation of Normandy.


During my tour, I provide many facts, stories like any tour guide. In order to make it special, I use several techniques touching different senses. Also I let you be Inspired by Places and People, give you opportunities to construct your own meanings through active engagements and by multi-way dialogue.


  • LA POINTE DU HOC. We see bomb craters, 100 – feet cliff, German pillboxes and go inside the observation post.
  • OMAHA BEACH. We stop at the most difficult exit from Omaha Beach to be taken on D-day. We see several Germans’ positions and if tides is far enough we can walk on Omaha Beach.
  • LUNCH.
  • AMERICAN CEMETERY. We pays our respects, see moving memorials and Omaha Beach from German prospective.
  •  SAINT MERE EGLISE. We park in the historical town center. This is one of the first villages liberated on D’Day. We will see a famous church from the movie The Longest Day and a dummy representing John Steel.
  • UTAH BEACH. It is time to compare the terrain, German positions and Allied army actions to Omaha Beach. A brand-new Andrew Higgins monument with a replica of LCVP can be seen, as a Sherman tank. Some remains of German position WN5 can be seen too.

It is possible to add to this itinerary either the German cemetery or Angouville-au-Plain. Please send your request in advance.


Lena was extremely knowledgeable and provided some great details and color to bring the events of D-Day to life for us. I was amazed by her knowledge of history and her ability to make it interesting and not too much information. Definitely absorbable. I recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in knowing more about the allied invasion in Normandy. The American Cemetery in Normandy was absolutely breathtaking and heartbreaking at the same time. Thank you Lena!



  • Hours: Flexible
  • Duration: max 9 hours
  • Pick up/drop off: Bayeux/Caen
  • Possibility to change the itinerary
  • Lunch not included
  • Air-conditioned Renault Espace up to 6 people
  • Tour from Bayeux/Caen – 550€
  • Tour with your rental car – 375€

If you have any questions, please contact me via email: lenabiehler2@gmail.com