This half-day tour is perfect for discovering the essential stories of the Omaha Beach Landing, especially if you’re traveling with children. It’s a great way to gain insight into the historic events of D-Day in a condensed timeframe.


Visiting Pointe du Hoc with its bomb craters and cliffs, experiencing Bloody Omaha, and paying respects at the white headstones of the American cemetery will leave you with a deep understanding of the sacrifices made by young soldiers during the liberation of Europe. These sites are more than just historical landmarks – they are powerful reminders of the bravery and courage that defined a generation.


On my tour, I don’t just provide you with facts and stories like any other tour guide. I use various techniques that appeal to your senses and emotions to make your experience truly unforgettable. I want you to be inspired by the places we visit and the people we learn about, and to have the opportunity to engage actively and engage in meaningful, multi-way dialogue.


  • LA POINTE DU HOC. You will have the opportunity to see the bomb craters, 100-foot cliff, and German pillboxes. You will also be able to go inside the observation post to gain a unique perspective on the events of D-Day.
  • OMAHA BEACH. We stop at the most challenging exit taken by the soldiers on D-Day. You’ll have a chance to see several German positions and, if the tides permit, walk on the very sand where the soldiers landed.
  • AMERICAN CEMETERY. We pay our respects and see moving memorials, while also getting a unique perspective of Omaha Beach from the German point of view.

It is possible to add to this itinerary either the German cemetery or Overlord museum. Please send your request in advance.


We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the Normandy beaches with Lena. We were a family of 6 with 4 young adults and wanted to add one stop to our tour, which she accommodated with no problem. She was extremely knowledgeable on all topics regarding Dday and answered all of our questions. We were very impressed and enjoyed her easy going friendliness and manner as we wandered around. Thank you so much for a memorable day Lena!



  • Hours: Flexible
  • Duration: max 5 hours
  • Pick up/drop off: Bayeux/Caen
  • Possibility to change the itinerary
  • Lunch not included
  • Air-conditioned Renault EspaceUp to 6 people
  • Tour with transportation – 375€
  • Tour with your rental car – 275€

If you have any questions, please contact me via email: lenabiehler2@gmail.com